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Dress code clothing 2018

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he District’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards.  Dressing and grooming standards are considered an essential part of the educational process.  All students are expected to dress and groom themselves neatly in clothing suitable for school activities.

The school has the right to ask a student to change his/her dress or personal grooming habits if it is deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the educational environment.  Repeat violations of the dress and grooming code shall be considered defiance of authority and may result in disciplinary action as described in the Student Code of Conduct. Administrators will make the final determination as to what constitutes appropriate attire.  Parents who have difficulty providing clothing or shoes for their children should contact the campus counselor for assistance.

Standardized Dress Code Guidelines apply for Elementary, Intermediate and Junior High School students in addition to the FBISD Dress Code. SDGC has additional requirements to the FBISD Dress Code, which are communicated in the SDGC Student/Parent Handbook.  Extracurricular activities may require special dress requirements.  The sponsor or coach shall make these decisions.

Exceptions and additional requirements to the dress code may be made in supervised physical activities, some extracurricular activities, or school-sponsored events as determined by the principal.  Medical exceptions shall be made upon certification from the family physician of the student.

The Student Code of Conduct contains the District Dress Code and each campus’ dress code additions. The dress code is also found in each campus handbook and on the district website at flourbluffschools.net.

The following expectations are required of all students in the district:

The campus principal has the final authority to determine whether a student’s dress is within requirements of the District and campus dress codes. The principal’s judgment will determine whether any items of dress, mentioned or not mentioned in the District or a campus dress code, will be considered inappropriate school attire.

  • All clothing must fit and be worn properly.
  • All clothing must be appropriate for school.
  • Revealing or tight-fitting materials/apparel are not appropriate.
  • Garments may not have oversized pockets.
  • Clothing are to be free of holes or frays.
  • School-provided, athletics-issued garments are to be worn only during the designated athletic activities.
  • All articles/layers of clothing together must meet the dress code requirements. No coats will be allowed to cover inappropriate dress.
  • Hornet spirit apparel must be school or school organization related.
  • Pajamas are not allowed.
  • Beachwear is not allowed (casual playwear and sandals with backstraps are permissible for grades PK-2).
  • Clothing must be in contrasting colors (Example: No black on black, red on red, blue on blue, camouflage on camouflage, etc.)
  • The midriff may not be visible, even when hands are raised above the head.
  • Undergarments must not be visible.

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