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Dress shirts made in usa 2018

Date: 16.11.2018, 09:56 / View: 71173

Lost Worlds Safari, Hunting Exploration Clothing Flight and Motorcycle Jackets



Made In USA
Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve

 Khaki 100% shirts Bush Poplin Cotton

 White Military Cotton (81%)/19% Nylon Oxford, Quarpel Finish
Navy 100% Nylon Broadcloth

14.2 oz. Indigo Denim (Unwashed)

   Gray Cashmere/Wool
Black, Navy 100% Rayon Gabardine

100% Heavyweight Morning Silk Satin, Pearl, Honey, Dark Copper, Black

Hunting Clothing Safari Bush Poplin Jackets Shirts Hunting
  100% Bush Poplin Cotton, Khaki

The classic Safari Shirt in a wide range of field, casual and dress fabrics for any application.

Identical in features to dress shirts made in usa 2018 the traditional but now defunct Willis & Geiger and similar British shirts that have served in the field and on the battlefield, upgraded to Lost Worlds standards of quality, pattern and fit. Compare our stitching, buttonholes, the little things so often taken for granted by those unfamiliar with the performance criteria required of genuine shirts of military, safari and hunting lineage. We increased button size slightly, for quicker, surer access in the field. We use pure nylon thread rather than cotton for durability and stain resistance (in contrast, our famed leather jackets use cotton for strict authenticity). Having sold Willis & Geiger Outfitters in the 1980s by mail order, we learned what was great in these shirts and jackets and, given customer feedback, what could be refined and developed further. 

Amazing flexibility: from traveling the globe to the office and all points in between. Made at our own NYC factory to the same peerless standards as Lost Worlds classic leather jackets, the finest in the world for detail, authenticity and build. Each shirt made by one skilled worker. Two chest and  large and small sleeve pockets (except in Morning Silk, Cashmere and Rayon Gabardine configurations). Sleeve Roll tabs. DOUBLE NEEDLE CLOSED SEAM construction (where avail.), including armhole.


Hunting Clothing Safari Bush Poplin Shirt


Cotton Bush Poplin Safari Shirt
  A very suitable pairing: LOST WORLDS Safari Shirt with 1966 Land Rover Series IIA


Bush Poplin Cotton Safari Shirt

Olive Quarpel Oxford 


Hunting Safari Shirt, White Quarpel Oxford


 Safari Shirt, Black Nylon Broadcloth


Bush Safari Shirt
14.2 oz. Indigo Denim (Unwashed)


Safari Bush Poplin Jacket Hunting Leather Flight Motorcycle Jackets Vintage Cowboy Shirts, ©2005LOST WORLDS INC.

Bush Safari Shirt, Honey Morning Silk



©2018 VINTAGE HYDE CORP. All Rights Reserved.


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