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My is in a month! I’m so excited for her, and we’ve been working busily on some of her wedding decor. It’s been one of my favourite crafty projects ever to work on fabric flowers for her bouquets and decorations – did you see? My mom and I have been experimenting with different ways to make faux succulents for use in the wedding bouquet and boutonnieres. We’ve come up with a couple of different options, and I’d like to share them with you! First up? Here’s how I made some decorative succulents out of felt.

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

These guys are a cinch to make and require no sewing – all you need is some felt and a glue gun (the dyeing part is totally optional)!


  • felt
  • fabric dye (optional – I used some to achieve a soft turquoise colour with white felt)
  • glue gun
  • scissors


Easy DIY Felt Succulents

If you want to dye your felt like I did, simply follow the directions on the dye package. I left my felt pieces in the dye for a couple minutes each. Felt (well, beaded the non-wool kind anyhow) doesn’t pick up dye very well, but I wasn’t too concerned about that for this project since I wanted a soft colour anyhow.

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

(Hubby: What ARE you doing?! Me: Oh, just dyeing some felt. This is a typical Sunday afternoon conversation at our house.)

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

After the felt dries (I used my clothes dryer!), cut it into a few 1 1/2″ strips and a few 3/4″ strips. Then, cut these strips into squares. The squares don’t have to be gold beaded dress 2018 exact – real-life plants aren’t exactly perfect either!

Cut each square into a leaf shape. I made a little point at the top of each of my leaves like is shown above.

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

Cut a little rectangle of felt that’s about 2″ x 1″, and roll it (starting on one short side) and glue it. This will be the center of your succulent. Then, wrap a small leaf around your center and glue it in place.

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

Keep wrapping leaves around in a spiral and gluing them. You can overlap each leaf slightly. I used 6 small leaves and 12 large leaves for each succulent.

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

These would be cute in a wedding bouquet (like we might use them for), but they’d also be great as a home decor accent or for a fun gift topper!

Easy DIY Felt Succulents

Soon, I’ll show you another DIY faux succulent option: one made from fabric!

DIY Fabric FLower & Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Doesn’t the fabric succulent look so sweet too? I’m loving it in our practice bouquet! I’ll also try to share with you how my mom made the faux hydrangeas in the wedding bouquet too (the rest of the flowers in the bouquet above are ).

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