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Ikea bedroom ideas 2018

Date: 12.11.2018, 01:36 / View: 83165

The stylists at decorated this small bedroom in three different ways.

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Here is a confession: I read IKEA catalogs not just to discover new products, but also for entertainment. Their designers create pieces with the end use in mind, and their catalogs are often chock-full of small space solutions that can be executed with their products. Here are a few of my favorites.

Above: In apartments without enough closets, open storage can be a necessity. To avoid visual clutter, cover your open closet with a curtain and make it a feature, and not a bug.

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You can do the same for storage above the kitchen cabinets, which can tend to get a little visually cluttered. All you need is a ceiling-mounted curtain rod to execute this cute .

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Looking for extra places to store books? Wall-mounted shelves can go pretty much anywhere, even above the TV. (Just make sure they're securely affixed to the wall.) Above is one of the most budget-friendly wall-mounted shelving systems - the .

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IKEA's makes a great nightstand in a tiny bedroom—not only does it only take up a few inches of space, but it has multiple shelves for all kinds of storage. Here it's mounted in a corner and rises practically to the ceiling.

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Floating furniture is an excellent choice for small spaces. It helps to open up the space visually, and in a pinch, you can store other things underneath. Above, a painted Ivar cabinet, spotted on , mounts to the wall.

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Looking to create a workspace in a small space? A wall-mounted desk takes up far less space than a traditional one, and can fit neatly into a tight corner (or the space under the stairs). Again, here's the system at work.

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Another way to fit a workspace into a small space is to tuck a desk in behind your sofa, as seen in .

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In a tiny laundry room, take advantage of storage space on the wall, and behind the door.

A very generous DIY closet setup from .

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No closet? Not enough closets? You can create a really generous one in the space behind your bed, using clothing racks and wall-mounted shelves, and then cover it all with a curtain. It's the walk-in closet that's been hiding in your bedroom all along.

Give These Simple IKEA Cabinets a Stylish Makeover

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