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Infinity ring 2018

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Release Date

April 27, 2018

Running Time

149 minutes

Box Office

.047 billion

"I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening, turns the legs to jelly. I ask you... To what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here. Or should I say, I am."[src]

Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 superhero film, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the. It is a sequel to and and a crossover between/sequel to,,,, and. The film is the nineteenth main installment in the as well as the seventh in. The movie was released on April 27, 2018.

It is directed by and and stars as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, as, with as, and as.

The sequel,, is set for release on May 3, 2019.




An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire, ' Avengers: Infinity War brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time.


Infinity War 230

In deep space, the refugee vessel has been attacked by the, the ship of. Half of its passengers have been killed by the, the children of Thanos. With and unable to even stand, and and nowhere to be seen, is brought before Thanos himself. Thor, Heimdall, and Loki soon find out that Thanos, wielding a already accommodating the, had begun his quest of hunting down the personally.

Thanos begins demanding Loki to hand over the, threatening to kill Thor if he doesn't comply. Loki initially hesitates, to which Thanos responds by torturing Thor with the Power Stone. Eventually, Loki can no longer see his brother suffer and reveals the Tesseract - which he had retrieved from prior to - much to Thor's disappointment. However, Loki doesn't hand it over, and buys sufficient time for to attack Thanos and save Thor from Thanos' grasp. Unfortunately, Thanos quickly overpowers and subdues the Hulk. Even Thor attempts to fight Thanos, only to be quickly defeated and immobilized in pieces of metal by, a member of Thanos' Black Order. With the Statesman's surviving members helpless against the power of Thanos, Heimdall saves the Hulk's life by teleporting him to Earth and safe from harm through what was left of his powers.

AAM5440 v080.1060

In retaliation, Thanos kills Heimdall, leaving Thor in anguish. After this, the Tesseract - which had been left on the floor - is handed over to Thanos by Maw. Thanos crushes the Tesseract, and inserts the Space stone within it into his gauntlet. Now in possession of two stones, Thanos orders his children to invade Earth and retrieve both the and the. Loki then suddenly interrupts by pretending to pledge loyalty to Thanos. As he does so, he commits the bold yet fatal action of trying to kill Thanos with a dagger. Thanos sees through Loki's attempt and foils him with his newly acquired stone, and proceeds to grab him by the neck. Thor only helplessly watches as Thanos breaks Loki's neck before his very eyes. Thanos uses the Power Stone to destroy the Statesman while he and the Black Order teleport away, leaving Thor to die as he mourns over his brother's dead body as the ship explodes around him.

Meanwhile, on, Hulk crashes into the via Bifrost and turns back into, informing and about Thanos. Strange and Banner find, who is having a date with, and bring him to the Sanctum as well. Strange, Wong, Banner and Stark discuss the Infinity Stones, eventually surmising that Thanos is looking for both the, held in the, and the, kept by. Banner insists that Thanos is the most formidable enemy they have ever faced, revealing that he was Loki's sponsor during the and will wipe out half the universe if he completes the Infinity Gauntlet. Stark suggests simply destroying the Time Stone since they've got it on hand, but Strange refuses as he and Wong have pledged to protect it with their lives. Banner asks where Vision is, and Stark admits that he's lost track of him. Stark brings Banner up to date with everything that happened since he left Earth; the Avengers have disbanded, and he is no longer on speaking terms with. Banner implores Stark to call Rogers, insisting that whatever happened between them doesn't matter compared to what is coming. Convinced, Stark takes out the phone Rogers sent him after the and prepares to make the call.


Before he can, however, an ominous hum rings through the air, accompanied by a change in air flow. A massive, ring-shaped hovers above, causing panic and fear in the streets. Strange manages to shut the ship's engine off as Ebony Maw and another of Thanos' children, Cull Obsidian, approach them. While Strange, Stark, Wong and Banner confront the invaders, the Q-Ship is witnessed from afar by, who rushes in to investigate. A turbulent battle erupts in the streets, but Banner finds himself unable to transform into Hulk, despite his best attempts. While the brutish Cull Obsidian is stranded in the Arctic via, Ebony Maw, a fierce telekinetic, successfully abducts Strange, with Time Stone in tow. Unbeknownst to Maw, however, both Iron Man and Spider-Man - who is granted his - manage to stow away in Maw's Q-Ship. As Wong returns to the Sanctuary to protect it, Banner finds Stark's phone and decides to call Rogers himself.

Infinity War 157

Having survived the vacuum of space after the Statesman's blast, Thor is rescued by the, who received the Asgardians' distress call. They take him aboard their, and Thor tells of how Thanos killed half the Asgardians to obtain the Space Stone and decimated to obtain the Power Stone. recounts how Thanos traveled from planet to planet, killing half the population of each, and will do the same to the entire universe should he complete the Gauntlet. They figure that Thanos will be headed to in order to take the from the. Thor decides to leave for, as he intends to ask the to craft him a new weapon. Thor leaves with and while, Gamora, and depart for Knowhere.

Infinity War 280

Meanwhile, and, two more of Thanos' children, ambush Vision, who attempts to live a normal life with in. Vision is deeply weakened in the attack, while barely manages to hold her own against both assailants. However, reinforcements arrive in the form of, and, who have been contacted and filled in by Banner. Together, they force Proxima Midnight and a heavily wounded Corvus Glaive to retreat. This faction of the return to the.


Remembering how Thanos destroyed half of and adopted her in the process, Gamora makes Quill promise that he will kill her if she gets captured by Thanos. Although Quill is reluctant, Gamora makes him promise and swear on. He eventually agrees, and the two share a kiss. As they arrive on a deserted Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy witness Thanos violently interrogating the Collector over the location of the Reality Stone. Unfortunately, the group makes too much noise and Thanos realizes their presence. Gamora goes on the offense, attacking and promptly defeating the Titan, who falls to the ground, seemingly killed.

AW 45 Trailer pic

However, the group discover that Thanos has already acquired the Reality Stone, and has been using it to cast a massive illusion. He drops the illusion, revealing a burning Knowhere and himself, alive and well. Thanos had expected Gamora to come and fight him, and is aware that she is the only person who knows the location of the elusive. Thanos easily subdues Gamora and incapacitates Drax and Mantis. Quill aims to fire at Thanos' head, but Gamora begs Quill to keep his promise and kill her, with Thanos pushing Gamora against the gun, inviting him to do so. Despite his heartbreak, Quill pulls the trigger, only for the gun to shoot harmless bubbles, thanks to the Reality Stone. Thanos then teleports away with Gamora.

Infinity War 252

Back on Earth at the New Avengers Facility, (who, thanks to an advanced leg brace, has regained the full use of his legs) discusses recent events with, who is outraged at Vision's recent disappearance. Rhodes counters that Vision is only missing because of the, which even he now regrets signing. Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Vision, and Scarlet Witch arrive, and Ross demands they all be arrested. Rhodes cuts his transmission off, an act which will likely end his military career, and greets his old teammates. Banner emerges as well, sharing a brief reunion with everyone. After bringing everyone up to speed, Banner suggests calling in for help, but Widow explains that he as well as are ring unavailable, having surrendered themselves to the US government, making deals to be placed under house arrest with their families. Together, the team decides that the Mind Stone must be destroyed, and that Scarlet Witch is the only member powerful enough to do so. However, in order to destroy the stone without killing Vision, Rogers suggests traveling to the technologically-advanced nation of.

In Wakanda, and deliver a new, arm to, who has recovered from his mental programming.

Ebony Maw and Strange

In Ebony Maw's Q-Ship, Iron Man and Spider-Man successfully rescue Doctor Strange by blowing a hole in the ship's hull, fatally shooting Ebony Maw into space. While Strange advocates returning to Earth, Iron Man suggests keeping the course set on in an effort to keep an element of surprise over Thanos. Strange agrees, but warns Iron Man that he will have to protect the Time Stone, even if it means sacrificing Stark or Parker.

On Thanos' ship, the, Gamora calls her adoptive father insane for planning to exterminate half of all life in the universe, though Thanos insists on the righteousness of his "perfect balance" project. He informs Gamora that her home planet has been thriving since he half of its population. As Thanos needs the Soul Stone to fulfill his goal, he reveals that Gamora's sister is his prisoner. Thanos tortures Nebula in front of Gamora, slowly pulling her body apart. Unable to bear it, Gamora reveals that the Soul Stone is hidden on.

Eitri as King

Meanwhile, Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot land in Nidavellir, where the forges have gone frozen and dark. They encounter Eitri, now the only remaining Dwarf on the forge, and he explains that Thanos ordered him to craft the Infinity Gauntlet, crippling the Dwarf afterward so he could never forge anything else again. However, Thor convinces Eitri that, working together, they have the power to defeat Thanos. In order to do so, they plan on crafting a new weapon for Thor:.

On Sanctuary II, Nebula manages to free herself and send a message to the Guardians of the Galaxy, imploring them to meet her on Titan.

AIW - DoctorS (Seeing Through the Future)

Stark, Strange and Parker barely manage to land the Q-Ship on Titan's surface, where they are immediately ambushed by the Guardians, who have mistaken them for Thanos' minions. The situation is quickly figured out, and they all agree to work together. While the rest of the group tries to devise a plan, Strange uses the Time Stone to look into alternate futures. He then reports to his allies: out of the millions of futures he foresaw, they are victorious in none but one alone.

Thanos and Gamora teleport to Vormir, where they are greeted by the former, now acting as a for the Soul Stone. The Stonekeeper tells Thanos that he must sacrifice what he loves the most in order to obtain the stone. This amuses Gamora, as she believes that Thanos does not love anyone or anything, thus making him incapable of completing the sacrifice or fulfilling his plans. However, as Thanos weeps at her, Gamora understands that Thanos loves her, alone, and despite her pleas, Thanos chooses to his adopted daughter, rewarded with the Soul Stone.

Meanwhile, the Earth-set Avengers take Vision to Wakanda, where they are greeted by T'Challa and Bucky Barnes. They ask the princess if she can safely extract the Mind Stone from Vision and she confirms that she can, but that it will take some time. Scarlet Witch is ordered to stand by at the operation table, ready to destroy the stone once it's free. Moments later, massive drop ships land outside of Wakanda's protective energy dome.

Meanwhile, Thor and Rocket successfully revive the star core of Nidavellir, but due to the mechanisms of the forge being damaged, Thor is forced to risk his life, using his own body to hold the forge's iris open.

Infinity War 235

As massive armies of led by Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian arrive in Wakanda, T'Challa gathers his own troops, accompanied by Captain America, the Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow and Bruce Banner using a, to meet them, hoping to buy Shuri enough time to complete her work. At first, the Outriders blindly throw themselves against the protective energy dome surrounding Wakanda, with many perishing against the dome's surface and only a few actually making it through. However, once the Outriders begin to move around the edge of the dome, Banner alerts the team that the beasts could potentially flank them, gaining a clear path to Vision. T'Challa decides to partly open the barrier in an effort to keep the enemies in front of them. The strategy is effective, but at the cost of massive hordes of Outriders suddenly invading Wakanda, quickly leading into a fierce.

Thor IW

Thor exposes himself to the full power of Nidavellir's star, giving the forge enough time to melt the special metal needed to craft Stormbreaker. This leaves Thor near death, and while Eitri successfully molded the metal, the axe's handle cannot be found. Groot sacrifices his left arm for the weapon's handle, activating its powers and reviving Thor.

Although they are able to take down many of the monsters, the Avengers and Wakandan armies are quickly outnumbered and overrun by the Outriders. However, Thor arrives via Bifrost with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, using Stormbreaker to turn the battle in favor of the defenders of Earth. Thanos arrives on Titan and is greeted by Strange. He gives a brief and impassioned speech on how Titan was his home and that overpopulation led it to ruin. Thanos had suggested that half the population be killed at random to save the planet, a suggestion which was obviously seen as insane. Thanos now believes himself to be merciful as he plans to simply snap his fingers after acquiring all six and cause half the universe's population to cease to exist without causing much pain, after which Thanos plans on simply resting. Nevertheless, the heroes engage Thanos in an intense but Thanos single-handedly repels the assaults of the, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Strange until Nebula arrives and distracts him. Eventually Strange, Spider-Man and Drax manage to pin down Thanos' limbs while Mantis uses her powers to try and put him to sleep. Although she fails and he remains half-conscious, he is still weakened enough that he is totally incapacitated allowing Stark to try and force the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos' hand. However, when Nebula deduces that Thanos has, becomes enraged and attacks the Mad Titan, causing him to regain consciousness just as the Gauntlet was about to be taken off.


The fight turns decisively in Thanos's favor as he unleashes the full might of the Infinity Stones upon his attackers, swiftly knocking them out. Thanos then confronts and overpowers Strange but realizes that Strange never used the in the fight because Strange hid it. Before he can try to locate it, Iron Man attacks him, but is quickly outmatched and seriously wounded when Thanos stabs him in the stomach. As Thanos prepares to execute Stark, Strange agrees to hand over the Time Stone to Thanos in exchange for Stark being spared. Thanos agrees and inserts the Stone into the Gauntlet and departs to retrieve the last Stone.

Infinity War 282

The resorts to use Threshers, massive siege weapons which lay waste on the battlefield, prompting Scarlet Witch to join and save Black Widow and. However, what no-one has realized is that has successfully infiltrated the lab where he knocks out Shuri and her guards before the operation can be completed. Glaive then attempts to take the Mind Stone from Vision who flees on to the battlefield and attempts to fight back, but Corvus Glaive and Cull Obsidian overpower him. Banner arrives and manages to kill Cull Obsidian despite still being unable to turn into the while Captain America fights against Corvus Glaive. Meanwhile, despite holding her own against the combined forces of Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Okoye, Proxima Midnight is killed as well. Rogers is defeated, but Vision stabs Corvus Glaive with his own weapon from behind, killing him. With the Black Order defeated and the Outriders routed by Thor, the Avengers seem victorious.

However, teleports to as well to obtain the only missing : 's. All the,,, and gather to defend Vision, but Thanos effortlessly defeats them one by one, including, who is briefly able to hold back Thanos, much to the Titan's surprise. Figuring out that they have no other choice, Vision asks to destroy the Mind Stone herself, which will likely kill Vision.

Infinity War Empire Still 05

Scarlet Witch reluctantly agrees and successfully shatters the Mind Stone moments before Thanos can get it, vaporizing both it and Vision. However, Thanos uses the power of the he took from to revert time and restores both Vision and the Mind Stone, which he rips off Vision's skull, killing him for good. Having finally gathered all six Infinity Stones, Thanos prepares to execute his plan, but arrives and catches Thanos off guard, unleashing his full power and the full might of upon the Titan in a last-minute attempt to stop him, severely wounding Thanos as Stormbreaker is thrown into his chest.

However, Thanos survives the attack. He mocks Thor for not having hit him in the head and snaps his fingers in the, completing his plan. Thanos is momentarily transported into the, where he sees a younger Gamora, who asks what the cost of achieving his goal was. Sadly, Thanos admits that it has cost him "everything". Thanos then returns to the real world, with the Gauntlet now mangled from the massive amount of energy used, and Thor furiously questions Thanos about what he did as a rumble can be heard throughout the universe. Thanos simply smirks at him and teleports away. As everyone wonders what is going on, suddenly turns to ash in front of Rogers. The effects of the snap manifest: half of the Wakanda army disintegrates as does,, and, leaving the survivors, regrouping around Vision's body, to look in horror and unable to do anything but accept defeat.

Thanos Smiling at the universe

On,, and vanish, along with, who tells that there was "no other way". is the last to vanish and pleads with Tony Stark not to let him go. While a traumatized Stark laments his failure, Nebula, the only other survivor, solemnly remarks that Thanos has achieved his goal. Thanos retires himself on a restored part of Titan and rests while satisfactorily gazing out to the sunrise, considering his job done.

In a, and are monitoring the battle in Wakanda when they witness the effects of the, as people start to disappear. When Hill turns to dust in front of him, Fury grabs an old-fashioned pager and prepares to send a distress signal. When he starts to vanish as well, Fury laments his death using colorful language but manages to send the signal. As Fury vanishes, his pager falls on the ground and displays the symbol of.




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Song title Artist Location(s) Travel Delays Undying Fidelity
  • attempts to assassinate and is killed.
The Avengers No More Surprises He Won't Come Out Field Trip Wake Him Up
  • wakes up inside the after responding to the distress call.
We Both Made Promises Help Arrives Hand Means Stop/You Go Right One Way Ticket Family Affairs What More Could I Lose? A Small Price Even for You Morning After Is He Always Like This? United Nations / End Titles More Power
  • joins the rings of the Forge.
Charge! Forge Catch Haircut and Beard A Lot to Figure Out The End Game
  • fights with and almost kills him, stabbing with a spear.
Get That Arm/I Feel You What Did It Cost? Porch
  • , on another planet, enjoys the landscape, "in peace" for having won the battle against the and achieved his goal.
Infinity War
  • The title appears and turns dust.
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  • End Credits.


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