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One shoulder wedding dress hairstyles 2018

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one shoulder wedding dress hairstyles 2018 1940s vintage prom hairstylesAnother classic among is the updo.  If you live in a warm climate, this can be a great prom style, especially if you plan to dance the night away. 

An updo can be worn high or low, sleek—as was the 1940’s style—or modern and more casual. This is a fun style to experiment with because it takes so little time. For this standard in vintage prom hairstyles, brush hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and divide the ponytail into two sections. Back comb one section to give it some volume, then pin the ends underneath the ponytail with bobby pins. Do the same with the other side. Add a little hairspray, and you have one of the vintage prom hairstyles that will never go out of fashion. Long, cascading waves, the look of the late 1970’s, is making a comeback as a newer option among. Flirty and feminine without being stiff, this look goes best with less form-fitting, easier-going prom dresses.

The classic Marilyn Monroe white halter dress is a timeless prom dress style, and a hairstyle like hers is easy to achieve if your hair is shoulder length or shorter. It’s a simple roller set, where you roll hair downward on hot rollers, with the ones closest to your face angled up. This will help the curls frame your face. Once you take the rollers out, you can put this style in place with your fingers, then spray it with hairspray and go. This is one of the easiest vintage prom hairstyles there is!

Vintage prom hairstyles can give you great ideas about how to achieve the look you want on prom night.  And even if you reject several 1940's vintage hairstyles before deciding on the right one, it’s awfully fun to experiment and try the looks!


vintage prom hairstyles pompadourVintage prom hairstyles are hot this year…the curls and upsweeps of decades past are today's ultra feminine looks.  The curves of 1940's hair mirrors the feminine form, and vintage prom hairstyles go great with today’s hottest prom dresses.

If you’re planning on going to prom this year, you want your hair to look great, and you don’t want to have to fuss with it.  The first place you should look for inspiration is at 1940’s vintage prom hairstyles.  Women in the 1940’s were good at doing hair.  Fashionable clothes weren’t always readily available because of war rationing, so women of the 40's decade focused on making their hair into works of art.

Among is the pompadour.  This style is swept away from the face, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting stray hairs in your lip gloss.  If you’re doing your hair yourself, you’ll need to learn how to back comb hair.

Lift a section of hair at the front straight up. Put a comb into the hair about halfway down its length. Then comb it back towards the scalp. If you do this over and over, you will create a little cushion of hair that has height at the crown.

Once you master this, the pompadour is easy.  Make a poof of hair front and center, pinning the ends so they stay in place.  Then take a section of hair from one side, sweep it up and over the pouf and pin in place.  Repeat on the other side, and you have curvy hair with volume that won’t fall in your face when you dance.  If your hair is long, you can pull the back into a sleek ponytail.


retro vintage wedding hair 40sLooking for?  If you’re planning a wedding, you want to be certain that your hair will be perfect for that special day, and retro vintage wedding hairstyles offer you a wealth of ideas.  Fortunately, bridal photos exist that cover decades of vintage hairstyles.  Looking at what worked for brides in the past can inspire you as you dream up your own perfect vintage wedding hairstyle.

The most beautiful vintage wedding hairstyles are those from the 1940’s.  Women of the 1940’s focused on hair, since fabric and clothing were rationed.  1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles took advantage of the hairstyling skills of the World War II era bride.  Veils and hats decorated with flowers were popular, as were elaborate tiaras and circular headdresses of wax flowers.

Often, featured the pompadour look, with volume at the front of the crown. It made a wonderful platform for attaching a veil or small hat. Side rolls and victory rolls incorporated flowers, and hair was almost always held up and off the face, the better to show off the deep red lipstick that was popular at the time.

One of the 1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles, however, did things a little differently, and brides today still imitate the look. That look is the long waves with a deep side part made famous by 1940’s starlet Veronica Lake. The dramatic sweep of hair, partly hiding one eye, can easily be modified with a beautiful jeweled hair clip so that everyone can see the bride’s face.


vintage wedding hairstyles 1940s1940’s vintage wedding hairstyles are some of the most glamorous wedding hairstyles. 

Pin curls and updos have never really gone out of favor as wedding hairstyles. Each decade has made its own version, but most vintage wedding hairstyles owe something to the glamorous 40’s. Even classic long hair will often incorporate a bit of pompadour style to go with a bridal veil. Vintage wedding hairstyles often pick the best of several eras and combine them into a thoroughly modern look.

Other include the simple bob.  You can easily achieve a 1940's bob—or with a bit of back combing, you can achieve a modified version of the 60’s “bubble” do. This style highlights a bride’s face, particularly her eyes. Elaborate updos take their influence from the 1960’s beehive and the classic 1940’s “chignon” updo. A very 60’s bubble at the back of the crown, with a wide white headband in front creates a dramatic hair look that goes best with a simple, elegant column style wedding dress. 

The early 1970’s free spirited look can be updated for today’s altar by creating a sheer, white bandeau headband as a veil, with a few small, white flowers attached. This works well with long, shiny, wavy hair, and a more casual wedding look. Another great hair look for a more casual wedding is long, super shiny hair gathered into a low, slick pony tail secured with a hair elastic decorated with either tiny flowers, or a jeweled brooch.

No matter what style wedding you are planning, from the casual outdoor or beach wedding to the most formal church affair, you’ll want your hair to be perfect, and you don’t want to have to worry about it or fuss with it. Take your cues from the brides of decades past, and incorporate part or all of a 1940's vintage wedding hairstyle.  You're sure to turn heads in a sexy 1940's vintage wedding hairstyle!


Many women want to know.  Want 1940's hairstyles like Betty Page and Ingrid Bergman?  You're in luck. 

In the video below, Amanda Hallay shows you how to use a modern-style "rat" to create 40's hair like Betty Page and Ingrid Bergman. 


veronica lake 40s hair bangs are sexy and super-stylish.  1940's updos, pompadours and bangs are some of the most coveted styles. 

Actress Veronica Lake was famous for a classic 1940s hairstyle: cascading waves tumbling from a deep side part.  This style was sometimes called the “peek-a-boo bang,” because the deep side part allowed hair to fall seductively over one eye, partly hiding one side of the face.  Women today still wear similar styles, because they are flattering to most faces.

The classic updo also became popular in the 1940s.  Less labor intensive than victory rolls, the updo never goes out of style.  Once you master the updo or pompadour, it’s a great trick when you have to go to work and your hair just isn’t cooperating. Finger waves and pin curls, seen on legends like Judy Garland and Joan Crawford were also representative of 1940s hairstyles, where glamour reigned and hair was anything but “wash-and-go.”


40's Hairstyles Sported by Celebrities Gwen Stefani & Dita Von Teese

dia von teese 40s hairstylesThe elegance of 1940s hairstyles is not lost on the stars of today.  Burlesque artist/model and actress Dita Von Teese often chooses glamorous 40s finger waves to go with those ultra-feminine, cinched waist gowns she favors. 

Musician Gwen Stefani has been seen in a number of 1940s hairstyles such as the reverse roll. She has also rocked the finger waves and Veronica Lake styles with her platinum tresses.  Another popular musician, Katy Perry wowed the crowds at the 2009 Grammy Awards and the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards wearing her black wavy medium length hair in sexy 1940s waves. These are all great looks that you can try when you really want your hairstyle to stand out for its glamour.

There’s no doubt about it.  The “Greatest Generation” of men and women, who worked so hard on the home front, gave today's generation much to imitate, right down to the glamorous 1940s hairstyles.


1940s hairstyles victory rolls1940s hairstyles and fashions were directly influenced by wartime rationing. Particularly in Britain, where clothing was rationed, women focused on making their hair as attractive as possible.

Though rationing in America was not as strict as in Britain, American women’s 1940s hairstyles were partly a reaction to the difficulties of wartime life. The war was first in everyone’s mind, and women made an effort to express with 1940s hairstyles what they couldn't express with new clothing. You can use some of their techniques whenever you need you need your hair to look perfectly “done.”

Because wardrobes could not be easily updated during the war years, 1940s hairstyles were called upon to do what clothing could not. Women wore hairstyles that were formal, casual, or whimsical based on occasion, whereas before, they had used their outfits to suit the occasion. As a result, 1940s hairstyles were complex and carefully crafted. Women became skilled at setting and styling their hair using setting lotions, curlers, and pin curls. While it may take some practice, you can learn to put your hair in pins too, and then wake up with a head full of perfect curls.

1940's Hairstyles – Victory Rolls

Perhaps the most recognizable 1940s hairstyle was the Victory Roll, which was also called the Side Reverse Roll.  Named after a combat air maneuver, the Victory Roll hairstyle required a woman to set her hair either in rollers or pin curls at night, and then sleep on them to produce carefully crafted curls in the morning. Once the rollers or pins came out, hair was given a minimum of brushing, so as not to remove the curls, and a section near the crown on each side was pinned up, off the face. This is a dressed up, formal look, the kind of style you might want to wear for a wedding or prom.


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