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Purple dresses for girls 2018

Date: 14.11.2018, 16:08 / View: 63235

You may be tempted to bundle your baby up even when you're inside, but don't go overboard. "The ideal temperature is between 68° and 72°F, and the one-more-layer rule of thumb applies indoors
too -- so if you're comfortable in two layers, your baby needs three," says Kramer-Arsenault. A good way to check to see if he's too hot or cold is to put a hand on his tummy or back, which should be warm but not sweaty. Keeping your baby from becoming too warm is especially important when he's sleeping, since overheating can contribute purple dresses for girls 2018 to SIDS. At bedtime, zip him into a sleep sack (or a receiving blanket that is carefully swaddled and stays below his armpits) instead girls of using a blanket, which also increases the risk of SIDS. Sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, and rapid breathing are all signs of overheating, so if you observe them, remove a layer of clothing. But there's no need to go crazy checking on him every five minutes. If he's sleeping soundly, his crib is clear of loose bedding, and the temperature is set to the appropriate range, he's probably just right.

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