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Red wallpaper pattern 2018

Date: 04.11.2018, 10:20 / View: 34375

Wallpaper Illusions A WiggleWigal LC Company

Resource Center for the Original PaperIllusion Wallpaper
by Village and Newest Designs by Imperial

Wallpaper Illusions is the place to find Paper Illusion wallpaper information and products. Dedicated to meeting your needs, you'll always find the largest selection of Paper Illusion products and valuable resource information.

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Paper Illusion wallpaper is prepasted, washable, strippable, and peelable.

The original version by Village, packaged in TRIPLE ROLLS, contains 85 square feet. The roll width is 20.5". It is discontinued, and there are full rolls of only five patterns left in stock. The more recent version by Imperial, packaged in DOUBLE ROLLS, contains 56 square feet, and also has a roll width of 20.5". It is also discontinued, and there are no full rolls left in stock of any pattern.
For informational purposes and repair of previously-done projects, individual samples are available on wallpaper every pattern as stock allows. Click images below for product details.

The Original PaperIllusion by Village
Discontinued Since 2010

Full 85 Square red wallpaper pattern 2018 Foot Rolls are Still Available Here on these Patterns

Full 85 Square Foot Rolls are No Longer Available on these Patterns

Only Samples are Still Available

PaperIllusion by Imperial
Discontinued Since 2016

Full 56 Square Foot Rolls are No Longer Available on these Patterns

Only Samples are Still Available

Paper It Fun!

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