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With celebrities like posting their colored hair on social media, ladies picked up the new style really quickly. The process is quick, easy and inexpensive, but best of all, there’s no commitment involved. Hair chalks are easy to put on and take off once you’ve had enough of it. You can also play with different colors to your heart’s content.

While generally easy to apply, you can’t just grab any hair chalk you can find at Walmart or Target. Just as important as applying hair chalk correctly, you also need to buy the right product for your hair. Whether you’re looking to buy the best hair chalk for brown hair or the best hair chalk for blondes, we created this buyer’s guide to help you.

What Is Hair Chalk?

Before you get too excited to shop, let’s first understand the answers to these questions: ? How long does hair chalk last? Where to buy hair chalk?

Hair chalks are, as its name suggests, hair products that generally look like chalks or pastels. There are non-oil based inexpensive pastels that cost between and . Aside from the usual chalks, this hair product also come in other forms like a hair color touch up pen, hair color touch up stick, hair root touch up powder, hair root touch up spray or liquid hair chalk such as the very popular L’oreal liquid hair chalk.

How long does hair chalk last in dark hair? A typical hair chalk like the Loreal hair chalk will usually last one shampoo if you have dark hair. If you have a more porous and color-treated blonde hair, however, it can last a couple of shampoos. Most hair chalks like the Loreal liquid hair chalk are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

How To Apply Hair Chalk?

There really isn’t much difference on how to use hair chalk on dark hair or blonde hair. The application process is simple and easy to do. In addition to your favorite hair chalk for dark hair or blonde hair, you’ll need a water bottle, protective gloves, towels and a flat iron. When you have these items ready, just follow the steps below:

Prepare The Hair

For blonde hair, there’s no need to wet your hair, but if you want to make your hair chalk last longer, doing so will help. For dark hair, wetting your hair is imperative so that the color can easily attach to it.

Chalking Time

Apply the chalk directly to your hair strands in a downward motion. While chalking, twist the hair. You can play with colors as you like. You can go for an or just use the hair mascara to cover gray hair. In case you want the colors to really pop, apply white hair chalk first then the color that you want.

Let Hair Air Dry

After you’ve applied the colors, let it dry. You can blow dry your hair if you’re in a hurry, but experts recommend that air drying is ideal.

Set The Chalk Color

Finally, set the color with a flat iron or curling iron. Finish it off with some hairspray. One shampoo is usually how long the hair chalk can last. When you’re ready to remove it, just use a clarifying shampoo.

How To Shop For The Best Hair Chalk?

As the popularity of hair chalking has grown, more and more formulas also popped up on the market. The L’oreal professional hair chalk is pretty popular today, but there are also other good brands worth checking out. If you’re confused which hair chalk brand to buy, here some considerations to keep in mind:

Know Which Colors Are Right For You

Hair chalking may be inexpensive and easy but not all colors, unfortunately, are perfect for everyone. You can play and mix colors depending on your personal style. If you have brown hair, colors usually appear more intense so be careful with your application. If you have black hair, on the other hand, vibrant and bright shades are perfect for you.

Choose Your Type Of Hair Chalk

Besides picking your colors, it’s also important to choose the right type of hair chalk. Other than the usual hair chalks, there is also hair color touch up pens, powders, sprays and then there are the liquid hair chalks. Hair chalks, in general, are the easiest to apply.

Check The Ingredients

Be sure to check the ingredients too. If you’re looking for the best hair chalk for kids or even adults, you’ll want to go for non-toxic varieties. Also, make sure that the product is easy to wash out. There are some brands of hair chalk that won’t wash out easily.

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